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Talent Acquisition Certificate

Certification in Digital Proficiency.

Learn the ropes of data-driven recruiting on a course built on ISO standards, taught by experienced psychologists and digital experts.

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What is TAC?

TAC is a module-based digital self-study in data-driven hiring best practices and structured recruiting. On completing the online course, you'll get an official Talent Acqusition Certificate, a downloadable diploma and a SoMe award

If you're interested in reading about the modules included in the course as well as the building-blocks of the course, click here to view our TAC Course Description.

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Why TAC?

Participating in flexible training and true-to-life scenarios, you will learn the ropes of data-driven hiring and know how to build and maintain a structured recruiting process.

Certification in digital recruitment proficiency

Taught by experienced psychologists and digital experts, TAC is the fastest way to build a process for more structured hiring. Objective criteria eliminates the risk and expense of recruiting the wrong employee.

If you are new to the discipline of recruiting, you will get a solid foundation of best practices. As a seasoned pro, you will get the chance to replace old habits with new data.

You should prepare to spend approximately 8-12 hours on completing this e-learning/self-study course, which you can do exactly when it suits you. 

The next step is waiting for you

First, you will receive tuition in the recruitment value chain that covers areas like attraction, sourcing, assessment, and employment. With the first step taken, you're ready to proceed to the next: Master International's personality test, OPTO designed and built to help you eliminate all kinds of bias in your daily work. Together, the two segments make up TAC.

If you have any questions, or if you would like to learn more about TAC, please send us an e-mail at info@master-people.com

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$199    $499

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