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Improve people performance with data-driven talent management.

Master offers HR test tools for data-driven recruitment and development of employees and leaders. Read more about our experience with data-driven HR and try a test on this page. You'll find two personality tests, a typology test, a cognitive test and a test for customer service. 

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Ensure correct hiring


Master's test tools are professional, validated and accredited. They help ensure a correct hire; maintaining the skilled employees already on board.

You can try our test tools and download a full report. If you would like access to our entire HR platform, it requires a license agreement. The test has to be evaulated by someone with the right skills. These can be acquired through certification. 

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Our experience covers all types of businesses


We create measurable value with our test tools for our customers. The best effect is by adapting the method to the business - large or small. No two businesses are the same.


"We are very satisfied with including BRIGHT, it has meant both savings and higher quality of selected candidates"

- HR generalist, IKEA 





Gain insight

We have accumulated good solid knowledge and experience in HR since 1985, and we keep it fresh and updated daily. We share this freely here on the site and in our newsletter every month.

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Equality is something we create

Dear United Nations, thank you for following our lead. At Master International, we have always been driven by an ambition to create equality and give people the chance to grow. And it makes us both humble and proud that our own purpose is now an integral part of the UN’s official Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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7 ways of ensuring great Online Recruiting 

You're working online, having to find and recruit new employees. For most of us, recruiting online is a challenge. That's why we'll share our suggestions. 

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How to assess the quality of a test?

If you are in a situation where you have to evaluate whether a test is good enough, then I would recommend that you look for these three elements: (1) The test must be based on a solid theory, (2) theory and practice should be linked and (3) the test must be able to "predict" relevant outcomes.

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