Welcome to the global network of Master International partners!

We are really happy to have you on board as a Master Cooperation Partner. 

Below you find access to some of the key materials you need for your branding and marketing as a partner: logos, brochures, presentations and sample reports. 

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  • If you need support or help, please visit our FAQ, to contact our customer service team use this link 
  • As a Cooperation Partner you will receive notifications about our frequent LinkedIn posts. If you are not receiving them please contact Max Kevin Mörtl on mkm@master-hr.com
  • To register your leads, according to our partner agreement, please use this link

You, as a certified user, will regularly be informed about IT development in form of release notes

As a certified user you should also be receiving regular user tips on the solutions you are certified in, if you are not receiving them please contact Max Kevin Mörtl on the email address mentioned above. 

You are always welcome to contact your main business development contact person.

As part of our global network of Master International partners, you will receive 2-3 times a year an invite to Partner update and sharing webinars on teams.

OPTO Marketing Material


Master General Marketing Material 


Sales Presentations

EASI Marketing Material


BRIGHT Marketing Material 


ACE Marketing Material