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Recruitment Decision Tool 

Want to know the actual benefit of one recruitment tool over another ? 

We've developed a tool with mathematical formulas and data - simplified it and made it plug-n-play ready. You'll be able to plot in information specifically for your recruitment and with the press of a button, you'll receive calculations of the monetary benefits of using one recruitment tool over another. 

Use the form on the right and get direct access to our Recruitment Decision Tool Calculator. 

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Understand the benefits of using the best Recruitment Tool

Based on the studies of Schmidt, Oh and Shaffer (2016), The Recruitment Decision Tool gives you estimations regarding hiring and benefits of using a GMA test. The tool compares "traditional recruitment tools" such as interviews and compares it to the performance prediction validity when using a GMA test. Have you been hiring the wrong candidates? Maybe using the wrong tools? Find out. The results might shock you!

That's why we've created The Recruitment Decision Tool. It gives you concrete facts as to why you should  be using GMA tests. Fill out the form above and get immediate access to the Calculator.


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